Teatox Review | Fit Life Tea

So it’s almost the new year, and like me, you’re probably thinking of making healthier lifestyle changes in 2017. Eating a healthy diet and getting exercise are both key lifestyle habits that you must incorporate into your daily routine to be able to see a difference. However if you need a little kickstart to get your body feeling amazing, you definitely need to try Fit Life Tea’s product line!


Earlier this month I tried Fit Life Tea‘s 14-day teatox, and I loved it! After the first week I started to notice less bloating after meals and didn’t feel that end of the day “ugh” in my gut. I’m not usually a fan of hot drinks, so I usually drank the tea over ice, which was refreshing and really enhanced the fruity flavour. After the 14th day I noticed the bloating had almost completely disappeared. So I continued for another 14 days of the teatox, and I immediately noticed that I felt happier and empowered to continue a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to remember that a teatox alone can not cause weightless, however in combination with a healthy diet and exercise you WILL notice a difference in your body and overall well-being. Fit Life Tea provides FREE meal plans, healthy recipes, exercise routines and nutrition tips!

Fit Life Tea’s products are all natural and certified Organic, so you don’t have to worry about drinking any harmful chemicals. They also donate 1% of every purchase to an ethical charity of your choice at checkout. So not only will your body feel good, but you can know you are ethically consuming!

Be sure to check out their other products such as:

Energy Tea: delicious organic energy green tea is full of potent antioxidants and natural caffeine from sustainably grown whole green tea leaves which naturally energizes the body and mind. Try it instead of coffee or energy drinks for a natural boost in energy

Sleepy Tea: organic sleepy tea is a natural relaxation tea that acts like a lullaby for your busy mind. One or two cups before bed will help you get a full nights rest


So in 2017 if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle be sure to check out Fit Life Tea’s products, use code RACHELREVIEW15 at check out for 15% off your purchase!



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