BH Cosmetics Fall Makeup Haul

This season we are seeing so many orange-toned eyeshadows! From beauty gurus to Kylie Jenner—everyone is using warm toned eyeshadows! And they are GORGEOUS! I mean it’s “pumpkin-everything” season, right?

With the hyped up release of Kylie’s new eyeshadow palette, I wanted to test some orange-y shadows myself. After scrolling through Pinterest to find the best palettes to try out, I came across the Shaanxo collab with BH Cosmetics. And if you’ve been following any news in the beauty world, this palette has been criticized for being too similar to Kylie’s—but hey, if it works and costs half the price, who cares! It also comes with a lipstick palette! Gorgeous colours you can incorporate into any fall look! They will also come in handy for the holiday season!



After searching around BH’s website I came across the new Marble Warm Stone eyeshadow palette! The casing reminded me of the limited edition Hourglass marble highlighters, so obviously I had to get this! And the shadow colours are orange toned too! So cute!


But you can’t buy eyeshadows without brushes, so I tried the 3-peice blending brush set and I love it! The brushes were so soft and made blending my shadows so much easier. They are definitely my new favourite brushes. Plus it’s $6, you can’t go wrong.


Last month I lost my beauty blender, and honestly have been to lazy to go buy a new one at Sephora. So I added the BH Studio Pro Precision Sponge to my cart too. I just used it this past weekend and it works just as good as my beauty blender. Again for $4.50, you really can’t go wrong.


So stay on trend this season, and try out these new eyeshadow palettes! Find them here:




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