Getting it All Together: 20 Tips to be Successful in School

Photo Credit Haute Chocolate

Finally after the craziness of the first weeks of school, my life has settled down and has given me time to reflect on my goals for this year. Whether it be academic or personal success, setting goals and staying organized has always led to amazing results. But keeping it all together can be hard, especially as a college or university student.

In my past four years at school I have read countless articles on “how to succeed” and “how to stay organized”. I found these to be extremely helpful, so with what I’ve read and along with my own experiences, I wanted to compile a list of all my tricks on how to get it all together and be successful.

So here are my curated tips and tricks for getting it all together!


  1. Use a planner (and only one planner!)
  2. Keep a to do list (use an app on your phone or laptop, pen and paper)
  3. Set mini deadlines before assignment deadlines (this keeps you on track and not scrambling last-minute)
  4. Clean desk and room! (keep your work and living area tidy, it makes you actually want to sit down and do work… adding cute desk accessories always helps too)
  5. Keep a standardized system of taking notes for all classes

Stress Management

  1. Take “off” time (you don’t need to be doing school 24/7, take time to go for drinks, talk with friends and watch your favourite tv show)
  2. Exercise (going for a walk, taking a yoga class or going for a hike are amazing ways to release stress and you also get a cute insta)
  3. Sleep (all nighters don’t help you in any way)
  4. Keep perspective (you won’t always get an A, think big picture and don’t let the small things get you)
  5. Laugh (get together with girls, watch a rom-com or catch up on the latest embarrassing stories)

Beating Procrastination

  1. Prioritize (make a list and get the most important stuff done first)
  2. Put the phone down ( I always check Instagram while working, but sometimes putting your phone in another room or away from your work area lets you concentrate—out of sight, out of mind)
  3. Preparation (get snacks, supplies and assignment guidelines all laid out before working, that way you don’t have to stop to find things)
  4. Go to class (going to class keeps assignments and deadlines fresh in your mind, it also helps with any tips your prof might give)
  5. Write down your accomplishments (at the end of a crazy work day write down what you did, visually seeing your accomplishments motivates you to keep going!)

Being more Productive 

  1. Learn to say no! (helping every friend and joining every club is not productive for your time, do what you want to help with your goals, but say no to some things before you get bogged down in commitments)
  2. Eat healthy (eating take out all the time can make you tired and lazy, eating good food fuels your body and gives you energy to get your work done)
  3. Get a study buddy (I personally like studying alone, but having a friend commit to doing readings and assignments at the same time as you makes it easier to not feel like you’re missing out on anything)
  4. Get momentum (to get my productivity going I clean my room or do laundry, simple mindless tasks that get me moving allow me to get in a mood to get things done)
  5. Treat yo’ self (so sometimes you can skip #2 and have a reward, my friends and I usually say that we will go get ice-cream if we do a certain amount of work, it’s also a nice mental break)

I hope these tips works for you! And here’s to a successful school year!




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